Managing Stress with Hypnosis

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Everyone one has at least a small measure of stress or anxiety in life but knowing the difference between the two is an important distinction when discussing or just thinking about this subject.


First, you can think of stress as a fight or flight response to some kind of irritation or threatening situation. Anxiety is more about a response to chronic or ongoing stress. 


Anxiety can be experienced in many ways such as feelings of unease, worry, or nervousness.  During an anxious moment, these feeling often come up without even understanding of the source of the unease. 

How you manage stress has a lot to do with how much anxiety that ultimately creeps into your life.  Hypnosis can help you better manage stress, and there are many approaches to this depending on the type of stress or situation you are dealing with.

Dr. Wayne Dyer often said, “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.  In other words, we CAN change our own reality, or at least the way we experience it, and all of it is within our control. 

With hypnosis, we help people manage stress in the following ways.

  1. Disengaging

  2. Reframing

  3. Calming

When we disengage from a stressful event, we simply remove ourselves the situation either mentally or physically.  For example, if you are being confronted by a person (stressful event), disengaging might mean that you simply walk away.  If you can’t walk away for some reason, like talking with your boss, you might want to reframe the stressful event in your mind in such a way that it no longer stresses you out.  This is where hypnosis can be most helpful and can be done in advance by identifying recurring stressful evens in your life. 

With hypnosis, we can change the way you look at or interpret various recurring events. We do this by getting you into a deep hypnotic state. In this relaxed state of hypnosis, we present scenarios that are normally stressful to you and then ask you to re-imagine and reinterpret them in new ways that are far less stressful. 


We do this several times to lock this reframing into the subconscious mind so that you will automatically respond in new and more favorable ways.  

If at some point you find yourself stressed out for any reason, even after reframing, you can even learn to calm yourself with-in a few minutes of the event with simple techniques that I teach to all my clients.  Most often we rehearse these calming techniques in hypnosis to accelerate your learning curve and lock in favorable responses and outcomes. 


Many times, clients end up using all three techniques in real-life situations.  But, learning to disengage, reframe and calm yourself works far better when you have rehearsed situations while in hypnosis, and by doing so, making your responses part of your automatic subconscious programming. 

If you are feeling maxed out on the stressors in your life, a single two-hour session with me might just make all the difference in the world.  Many of my sessions, and especially the first session with a client, last two hours.  The first hour is mainly spent talking about you and your situation.  The second hour is spent in hypnosis working on the very things that we're discussing in the first hour.


I bill at the rate of $100 per hour.  A two-hour session would then be $200.  Often we might go over 2 hours by 15 or 20 minutes. If we do go over the two-hour mark, you will not be billed for extra time during your first session. Subsequent sessions, if needed, will only be about an hour. 

If you think you might benefit from hypnosis, you call or text me.  If I can’t talk with you right away, I can text you back and we can discuss this over the phone.  If you want to set an appointment, we can do it at that time.  I schedule all my own appointments, and I can find time for you. So, just call or text me at 316-305-2900.  

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