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Booking An Appointment

Booking an appointment is simple. Call 316-945-5200, and the front desk staff at Adult, Child, and Family Counseling will assist you with any questions, collect your information, and verify your insurance coverage. Most major insurance providers, including Medicaid, are accepted. 

Previously, we did not accept insurance for hypnosis services. Now, we are integrating hypnosis into our regular therapy practice. This allows us to use hypnosis as part of a comprehensive therapeutic approach tailored to your specific needs.


Research has shown that pre-sessions, hypnosis, and integration work are more effective than single hypnosis sessions.

For example, to stop smoking, we found that follow-up sessions, typically up to five, are more effective than a single session. The same approach applies to treating anxiety, depression, and other mood or behavioral issues.

This new method enables us to provide more effective therapeutic interventions at a lower out-of-pocket cost to you. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 316-945-5200. Our office staff is ready to help.

Call or text us today at 1-316-416-6400

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