Hypnosis and Sports Performance Is
a Match Made In Heaven


Hypnosis and sports performance is far more common than you might think. Without even knowing it, you might be regularly competing with individuals or entire teams that have used hypnosis to improve their performance against you.

Not only can hypnosis improve an athlete’s physical performance but can also help remove any blocks that impede performance such as fear and anxiety. 


Most sessions for sports performance take about two hours.  We spend the first hour talking about your sport, your frustrations, and your goals. We will then spend the next hour doing the hypnosis. A great deal of noticeable progress can be made in a single session. Two hours of time is $200. If we go over 15 or 20 minutes in the first session, you will not be billed for more time. Any subsequent session generally only takes about an hour and are billed at the hourly rate of $100.  

Hypnosis for competitive advantage is appropriate at any age.  Kids as young as 5 can overcome blocks and hesitations easily, and start them on a path of athletic ambition that will last the rest of their lives. 


Hypnosis can also improve endurance and intensity.  So, instead of hitting the wall well short of your goal, you can employ techniques learned in hypnosis to easily push on and finish the race. 

A gymnast who experiences an injury will sometimes be affected by the memory of that event and still be hampered by fear years later. In hypnosis, they can overcome their fears completely, and through special performance and confidence-boosting techniques, the athlete can imagine and rehearse perfect outcomes. The results are immediate and can be seen on the mat the same day.     

A taekwondo student can improve performance against competitors with techniques that are also unique to hypnosis.  For example, in hypnosis, a student can image a weapons routine or form-based performance with absolute clarity and see themselves executing certain moves perfectly. With techniques learned in hypnosis, they can recall that perfect performance for a competitive edge and win on the day of competition. This is especially effective when differences among top athletes can be razor-thin. 

No matter if you play soccer, football, golf, or tennis, hypnosis can help any athlete improve their performance in ways that hard work alone can not achieve. It is ideal when trying to overcome performance barriers that seemed previously unsurpassable. 

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