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Hypnosis and Sports Performance Is
a Match Made In Heaven


The use of hypnosis in sports performance is more prevalent than one may assume. It is possible that you may be competing against individuals or teams who have utilized hypnosis to enhance their performance.

Not only can hypnosis enhance physical performance, but it can also assist in overcoming mental barriers such as fear and anxiety that may impede performance.


Sessions for sports performances typically last approximately two hours. During the first hour, we will discuss your sport, any challenges you may be facing, and your goals. The second hour will be dedicated to the hypnosis session. Significant progress can often be made in a single session. The cost for a two-hour session is $400. If the first session goes over the allotted time, you will not be charged for the additional time. 

Hypnosis can be utilized to improve performance at any age. Children as young as five can easily overcome blocks and hesitations, setting them on a path of athletic excellence that will last a lifetime.

A gymnast who experiences an injury will sometimes be affected by the memory of that event and still be hampered by fear years later. In hypnosis, they can overcome their fears completely, and through special performance and confidence-boosting techniques, the athlete can imagine and rehearse perfect outcomes. The results are immediate and can be seen on the mat the same day.     

Hypnosis can also enhance endurance and intensity, allowing you to push beyond your limits and reach your goals. Athletes who have experienced injuries can overcome their fears and regain confidence through hypnosis, by rehearsing and visualizing perfect outcomes. This can lead to immediate improvement on the field or court.

Hypnosis can be used by athletes in various sports such as soccer, football, golf, and tennis to overcome performance barriers and achieve success. To learn more about how hypnosis can improve your or your child's sports performance, please do not hesitate to contact me via call or text. My personal cell number is provided below for your convenience. Texting is the most effective way for me to communicate with clients outside of talking on the phone. 


f you believe that hypnosis may be of benefit to you, please do not hesitate to contact me via call or text. Texting is preferred as it allows for prompt and convenient communication, even if an immediate phone call is not feasible. Should you wish to schedule an appointment, we can arrange a suitable time during our initial conversation. Please note that I personally handle all appointment scheduling and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  I can be reached at 316-416-6400.  

Call or text us today at 1-316-416-6400

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