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Kick the Habit for Good in Just One Private Hypnosis Session - Say Goodbye to Smoking!

Finally, You Can Say Farewell to Cravings, Setbacks, and Defeat - Quit Smoking, Dipping, and Vaping with Ease!

Dear Reader,

Do you remember the first time you tried a cigarette? Many people do. Do you also remember the details of the situation, such as who you were with and what motivated you to try it?

Even if you can only remember them vaguely now, your past memories can play a significant role in helping you quit smoking permanently with hypnosis. The reality is that these memories represent the moments when you first gave yourself permission to start smoking, and your subconscious mind has held onto that permission ever since.

I understand that quitting can seem difficult or even impossible, but I want you to know that I've been in your shoes. I understand your struggles and I want to assure you that quitting can be easier than you might think.

Let me explain...


As you continue reading, you'll learn why your subconscious mind has held onto this "permission" to smoke and how, with my help, we can put a stop to it.

It's important to understand that your memories of when you first started smoking are part of a subconscious record of the permission you gave yourself to start. Every time you light up, your subconscious mind references this "permission" without you even realizing it.

This is why these memories are still so vivid now because they are kept active by your subconscious mind.


With hypnosis, we can go into your subconscious mind and remove that permission. Once it's removed, lighting up a cigarette will become a line in the sand that your conscious mind won't allow you to cross.


Imagine what it would feel like to quit once and for all, like taking off a heavy backpack that you've been carrying around for years or even decades. 

While the concept of hypnosis may be unfamiliar, it's an extremely effective tool for getting rid of smoking and other unwanted habits.


You likely know someone who has quit smoking with the help of hypnosis. And as you keep reading, you'll learn why hypnosis is so effective in helping people quit smoking.

Why The Subconscious Mind Rules The Roost

The idea of the subconscious mind can be hard to grasp at first. A good and easy way to think of the subconscious mind is as an automatic pilot or a computer program that runs in the background of your mind.


It's responsible for storing and processing all the information and experiences you've had throughout your life, and it uses this information to guide your actions, thoughts, and behaviors.


It's like a vast library of your past experiences, emotions, beliefs, and habits that are stored in your mind, and it's constantly running in the background, guiding your actions and decisions.


It's not something you can control directly, but it can be influenced and reprogrammed with the right tools and techniques that are used in hypnosis and visualization.

So, let me give you an example of how it relates to the smoking habit. Have you ever decided to quit smoking but then found yourself unable to follow through with it?

You might have thought it was because you were addicted to nicotine, but that's only part of the story. Nicotine may have played a small role, but the main reason is that your conscious thoughts are often overruled by your subconscious mind when it comes to habits and so-called addictions.


In other words, your conscious and subconscious minds can sometimes have different priorities. But, the subconscious mind nearly always wins in the long run. It can be hard to beat because it uses emotions and desires as tools of persuasion.


But what if we could get the subconscious mind working on your behalf with hypnosis?


Actually, we can!


Hypnosis is highly effective at directly communicating with the subconscious mind by bypassing the filters of the conscious mind during the hypnotic trance.


This way, we can align the subconscious mind and the conscious mind towards the goal of freeing you from the bondage of any tobacco product for the rest of your life.


In Conclusion

If you are still reading this it’s likely that you could use some help in cutting off the ugly head of this addiction. 

​Perhaps you are haunted by the sobering thoughts of looming health concerns. 

If you have been smoking for a long time, you are likely crushed with fear about the avalanche of spiraling health conditions that will plague you if you don't stop now.  Not "Tomorrow", that never gets here, but in this moment right now. 


So, no matter your circumstances, or what motivates you to stop, you have one of two choices to make. 


Choice number one is to gamble on your future and leave this page without booking an appointment.  And this choice takes you back to the path you have been on until now. One riddled with deep concerns and doubts about the future and your health. 


You definitely don’t want that.


This is why you should seriously consider choice number two, and allow me to relieve you of this milestone once and for all. This option leads you in an all-new direction. A direction that opens up a whole new world of freedom, life-affirming options, and longevity.


Then, as your lungs start to heal, your whole system will begin to be flooded with a boost of energy and vitality, the likes of which you have long since forgotten.

Haven't you suffered this nightmare long enough? Just click the button below and book an appointment now.  


I look forward to meeting you in our private session and helping you resolve this issue very soon. 


All the best, 


Drew Amen

Questions and Answers

Can I be hypnotized? 

The answer is a resounding YES! Everyone is capable of being hypnotized. However, not everyone responds well to traditional rapid inductions. But, have no fear, my induction process involves a gentle approach and takes about 30 minutes. Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When I ask you to imagine something, all you need to do is imagine it to the best of your ability. It's as simple as closing your eyes and imagining a familiar place, like the inside of your car. No need to worry about sudden commands to sleep or swinging pocket watches. Just follow my guidance to imagine various things with your closed eyes and you'll be in the perfect state for your session.

How Is This Different Than A Stop-Smoking Seminar?

A private session allows me to get to know you on a personal level, and understand your habits and motivations for quitting smoking. This level of personalization is what makes this technique so effective. Unlike group hypnosis, this approach is tailored specifically to you. And there's no need to worry about any sales pitches for additional products or sessions. With my single-session method, you can expect a high success rate." 

Will This Also Work for Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, or Vaping?

Again, the short answer is YES! Without going into too much detail, the thought processes around any habit are nearly identical. I've had clients that have been successful with eliminating all types of addictions, not just tobacco or vaping. 

How Many Sessions and What Does it Cost?

If you are currently smoking a pack of cigarettes or less per day, you have the potential to quit in just one session that will last about 2 hours. This is similar to consuming about two cans of Skoal per week. It may surprise you to know that many people are not as physically addicted to nicotine as they think, and they continue to smoke or use dip primarily out of habit.

The fee for a session with me is $325. Stop smoking sessions generally run about 180 minutes, but may go over a little bit. Better to plan on about 2 hours just to be safe.  If your session times run over, you will not be charged more for that little bit of extra time. 

What If I Smoke More Than A Pack A Day or Dip More Than Two Cans a Week?

Don't worry if you're currently smoking or dipping more than the recommended limit. It doesn't mean that I can't help you. Before your appointment, all I ask is that you make an effort to reduce your usage to the suggested limit for at least two weeks. If you find yourself going over the limit during this two-week period, it may be best to start the two-week period over. This will ensure that you experience the least amount of nicotine withdrawal possible after your session. If you're smoking or dipping less than a pack a day, you should be able to quit cold turkey without experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. 

Why Does it Take So Long?

When you come in for your appointment, we'll spend about 1 hour just talking. This will give me the opportunity to gather all the information I need to conduct the hypnosis session. During this time, we'll also take a look back at when you first started smoking, and talk about your triggers, other smoking habits, and your motivations to quit. Then we'll move on to the hypnosis part of the session which usually takes around 90 minutes.    

Will I Still Have Strong Cravings After the Session?

For the majority of clients, all strong cravings will be gone for good. But it's worth noting that some clients may still experience occasional or infrequent mild cravings, especially heavier smokers. But don't worry, after your session, your decision to quit smoking will be so strong that you'll be able to easily resist any slight temptations that may arise. These mild cravings will typically disappear within 3 to 5 days. Without hypnosis, these cravings would be much stronger and could last for weeks or even months.  

NOTE: During the session, you will be given one of the most effective coping mechanisms ever developed for controlling cravings, and nobody will even know you're doing it. This coping mechanism is so effective that combined with the permission-removal process conducted during hypnosis, you will leave your session a permanent non-smoker. 


How Do I Prepare for My Session?

1. During our phone conversation, I will gather all the necessary information to determine if you have a good chance of successfully quitting smoking. If you currently smoke a pack or less per day and are fully committed to quitting, then you will likely be successful. When I say "fully committed," I mean that you are making the decision to stop smoking for yourself and not to please anyone else. If this is not the case, I would suggest postponing scheduling an appointment at this time.


2. Before your appointment, it's important to get rid of all smoking-related items, such as cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, and other items. Make sure to completely dispose of them and not just toss them in a trash can that can easily be retrieved later. This is a crucial step in cutting ties with smoking. Additionally, it's a good idea to thoroughly clean any areas where you have smoked, including your car and windows, and even vacuum if necessary. This thorough preparation can greatly increase your chances of success.


3. On the day of your appointment, it is important not to smoke at all, as this day will be considered your first full day without a cigarette. I typically schedule stop-smoking sessions in the morning or early afternoon as this is most effective. If you happen to smoke by accident, please call to reschedule the appointment.

I'm Ready To Stop, What Next?

Great job on taking the first step to becoming a non-smoker! You're already on your way to making this a permanent change. To book a session, please click the button below and you'll be able to see my availability and choose a time that works best for you. You can pay online or wait until your session and pay a $100 deposit. I prefer cash or check, but I also accept cards.


After booking, please text me at 316-416-6400. That's my personal cell number, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. We'll have a brief chat over the phone to confirm your appointment for the day you want to quit smoking. Please note that full payment will be required on the day of your appointment and that I do not accept insurance.


Don't forget to read the instructions above about preparing for your session, and you'll be all set. I look forward to helping you through this journey with hypnosis, and I'm excited to see you become a non-smoker for life!

Call or text us today at 1-316-416-6400

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