Overview of Hypnotherapy Services

Stress, Anxiety, and Hypnosis
What's ticking away in the back of your mind that is causing you stress?  We all have stress, and we all cope with stress differently. Sometimes it seems that the stress and anxiety in our lives are too much to manage or control.   That is precisely when hypnosis can help people in managing their stress and help them develop new coping mechanisms. With a few new tools to work with most clients are able to manage their stress and anxiety with more success, and in turn, learn to love life again. If you feel as though negative emotions are boxing you in, and holding you back, then give us a call.  Hypnosis can help. 

Whether it's a relationship with a particular person, or with people in general, hypnosis can help you get your social life and personal relationships back on track with new perspectives and insights.  Learn to understand your social style, and how you can work with it to better manage the feelings you experience around your social environments and affairs. 


Stop Smoking
Smoking cessation is one of the main reasons people come to hypnosis for help. We have developed a very unique approach to this particular addiction.  Do you recall the very first time you smoked a cigarette?  Most people do, and with a unique regression technique developed by Drew Amend, HCt., we can isolate the very moment you gave yourself permission to smoke.  We examine the justifications you used, and then remove that permission once and for all.  We can do this in a single two-hour session.  For the first hour, we just talk, and in the second hour, we do the hypnosis.  This technique has been very successful. For more information, navigate to our Stop Smoking page from the menu at the top of this page or CLICK HERE

Fears and Phobias
Are you afraid of spiders, and snakes?  Of course, and most of us are and for good reason. But do you have a fear or phobia that is less common and is affecting the quality of your life?  Such phobias could be something like the fear of flying or even exaggerated concerns about being in enclosed spaces.  These are both prime examples of debilitating fears that can be effectively addressed in hypnosis, allowing a person to live unencumbered by these unwarranted concerns.  

Sports Performance
Do you or someone you know have dreams of being a starting player in the NBA, or NFL?  So many young athletes do these days. Hypnosis could not make any such promises, but it can help anyone refine their focus and achieve the best performance that exists within them.     

Success Coaching with Hypnosis 
They say anything worth having is worth working for, and by those words, we can summarize that achieving success will have it's changeless in any field of endeavor. Hypnosis can help any person summons the will and energy to reach for their highest goals and realize their true potential. We help clients isolate their own personal sense of true purpose, and help them navigate their path towards realizing the very life they were always intended to have.  

And So much more...
If the everyday challenges in your life have anything to do with thought or motivation than it's likely hypnosis can help.  Give us a call to for a free evaluation of your situation and see if hypnosis might help you achieve your goals.