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5 Reasons Why Clients Are Loving
Remote Hypnosis (and you will too)

Are you wondering if hypnosis via Skype or Zoom is equally effective as it is in person? 

The following are are a list of 5 reasons my clients are loving remote hypnosis.

It Works!

The bottom line is that all hypnosis is guided hypnosis.  No matter if you are in my office listening to my words as I'm guiding you into a relaxed trance state, or if you are relaxed at home or in your car and listening to the sound of my voice while we connect on Zoom or Skype.

All hypnosis is a process of relaxing the mind and body and stirring the imagination in the right brain while allowing the analytical left brain to relax. Then, when you are in the relaxed hypnotic state we embark on a journey where the mind is focused and open to hypnotic suggestions


With any hypnosis session, be it in person or online, as long as you imagine the things I ask you to imagine to the best of your ability and are in a relaxed and in a quiet place you will slip in to trance just as easily at home as you would in my office, if not a little easier.

COVID-19 Compliant and Safe


More Relaxed and Effective

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